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New Look, Same Great Taste .....

2007-07-26 12:13:33 by SAGER89

A great site made better... Newgrounds RULES. Check out my latest Paradox Trials now !!!!


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2007-07-26 20:28:20

I like muffinz!!!!!!!


2007-10-19 19:15:54

damn... well i was gonna post something but screw that - kinda not in the mood... errr yea... not gonna go into specifics... just gonna say i was gonna post something essentially saying in a nice way that paradox trials suck and that i wanted to be your friend but im not exactly in the mood... lets just say parental issues... no reason to go into details with someone i dun trust tho (got trust issues due to well... nvm and im in a depression on top of other things....) or in a way the entire world can read yea well... dun take this as a way to get friends by makin em feel guilty... i tend to do it by being a nuisance. but at the moment i dont feel very much like being one now before i look for a scapegoat (you) im gonna end this comment... and yes i had to write this. deal with it.

SAGER89 responds:

I just noticed your message..... Lol... too late to be friends .. HAHAH *iM Laughing my ass off*